Mars in Libra, Moon in Virgo Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

At first glance, flirtatious Mars in Libra and prim Moon in Virgo may not seem compatible. But these two share a quality that can lead to mutual understanding, while binding them together.

Mars in Libra is all about the courtship dance. Almost every action he takes is designed to seduce or appease the object of his affection. Even if he’s not conscious of this, Mars in Libra mirrors what his partner (or prospective partner) is doing, in order to demonstrate how perfect he is for her. Combined with his knack for romance, he’s got a lock on the refined qualities of life. He’s never pushy and is always light on his feet.

Moon in Virgo needs to have everything in its place. Her security is based on having control over her relationship and domestic routines. Her emotions move along carefully defined paths: cause and effect, problems and solutions. Moon in Virgo senses that there is a reason and consequence for everything. While this can make her a high-anxiety partner, it ensures that she never lets anything slide. She only feels feels satisfied if she’s refining something (her partner, the relationship, herself).

Moon in Virgo may be initially suspicious of Mars in Libra. She’ll may write him off as a player, but if he’s persistent, he could eventually win her over. His willingness to do what it takes to accommodate her inner worrier will help, but the real selling point will be his refined actions. In his own way, Libra can be as much of a perfectionist as Virgo. He applies this energy to relationships, and she applies it to daily issues, but high standards are high standards. He’ll be attracted to the purity he senses within her, and she’ll feel comfortable with his unfailing politeness. Her practicality will balance out his frivolity, while he’ll remind her that sometimes it’s ok to just have fun.

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