Mars in Aquarius, Moon in Capricorn Compatibility

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Mars in Aquarius likes to shake things up, while Moon in Capricorn needs tradition to feel secure. This is not an easy pairing, but they can certainly learn a thing or two from each other.

Mars in Aquarius is not interested in any rules except his own. He may or may not be an obvious rebel, but he will stubbornly insist on doing his own thing in a relationship. Tradition is a turn off, as are any restrictions on his independence. Mars in Aquarius will commit to the right lover–someone who is as curious about life as he is. Or at least, someone who supports his curiosity. The partner should also understand that he’s not a cuddly lover–warm, reassuring touch is not his thing, but open-minded experimentation is. He can also be truly accepting of whatever “flaws” his partner might think she has. If he’s really into her, he simply won’t care.

Moon in Capricorn needs defined structure in her relationship. Rules and traditions make her feel safe, and she bases her authority on this. Authority is key for Moon in Capricorn–she needs to be in charge. Her lover should understand that she is a loner at heart; the only person she really needs is herself, but she values a committed relationship and will take her responsibilities seriously.

Attraction will not be instant (unless other aspects between their charts indicate this). Mars in Aquarius will have zero interest in Capricorn’s rules, and Moon in Capricorn will feel immediately rattled by Aquarius. If they do get together, Aquarius will balk at Capricorn’s efforts to schedule and define his every move. And, he’ll find her instinctive judgments and rigid attitude quite distasteful. However, both are highly independent and will value that quality in each other. Neediness won’t be a problem. If they can base their union on this–while accepting that they each have very different definitions of domestic life–they might be able to make it work.

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