Mars in Aquarius, Moon in Sagittarius Compatibility

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Freedom is the theme for this partnership. Mars in Aquarius’ strong desire for individuation blends nicely with Moon in Sagittarius’ need for exploration. When Aquarius breaks the rules, Sagittarius will not only support him, she’ll urge him to go further.

Mars in Aquarius always has some original moves. He wants the object of his affection to know that there’s no one else like him. This is not about pride, or getting attention (Mars in Aquarius could care less about these things). It’s what he has to offer–a unique perspective that comes from the fringe. While he’s stubbornly independent and not big on romance, he is passionate about certain ideals. Oppression and stagnant tradition must be broken, according to Aquarius. Nothing fires him up like kicking an established rule in the teeth. He can manifest this behavior outside and within the relationship. While he’s loyal and doesn’t usually lose his temper, the quickest way his partner can send him out the door is to insist that he must conform… or refuse to accept him for who he is.

Moon in Sagittarius needs to know that the adventure will continue. Even if she’s happily ensconced in a relationship, she’s only truly comfortable when new developments are unfolding. Moon in Sagittarius feels secure when she’s learning and discovering, and is then able to discuss what she’s discovered with her partner. Her restless heart is buoyant and hopeful, but also concerned with the truth. Nothing feeds her inner world like a good crusade to uncover lies and injustices.

If Mars in Aquarius is the Man From the Edge, Moon in Sag is the Wandering Scholar. His oddball vibe will catch her attention, and her absolute openness to anything new will encourage him. Sagittarius will connect with his dislike of rules, and Aquarius will be excited by her crusading spirit. While the Fire and Air mix can be combustible, neither partner is prone to taking things personally. Any conflicts should pass quickly, because they’ll both insist that there are bigger things to focus on.

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