Mars in Aquarius, Moon in Scorpio Compatibility

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Moon in Scorpio’s need for merging will not sit well with Mars in Aquarius’ desire for freedom.  However, there is a tense chemistry here, as Scorpio is drawn to Aquarius’ distance (the more he pulls away, the more obsessed she’ll feel). And Mars in Aquarius will be attracted to her black-hole magnetism.

Mars in Aquarius pushes the limits, as a way of creating new physical experiences. But he can lose touch with his body, approaching sex with logic and curiosity, rather than sensuality. With a partner who also pushes the limits, Mars in Aquarius will fully engage, rather than checking out new experiences from a distance. Curiosity is great for opening doors, but after a while, more is needed. At the same time, he must have room to do things his way. He has no problem being loyal, but follows no rules except his own.

Moon in Scorpio demands total commitment from her partner. She’ll give everything she has (after she’s established trust), but demands complete access to her lover in return. Moon in Scorpio can be a strong, stable partner, but is prone to jealousy (although she’ll hide it). If she feels that her relationship is threatened, she can become manipulative and possessive. Even when she’s 100% secure, this Moon refuses to share her lover’s affections with anyone.

Aquarius will be drawn to Moon in Scorpio’s ability to penetrate. He’ll sense that she’ll push right past his detached coolness. Her insistence on no boundaries/no secrets will appeal to his desire to explore new territory. But Moon in Scorpio’s insistence on absolute intimacy will be stifling for him. As Mars in Aquarius pulls back, Scorpio will tighten her grip. And the battle of wills begins. The tension between Aquarius’ independence and Scorpio’s need for merging (with her in control) means it won’t be a comfortable union. But, neither of these signs likes to play it safe. And both are interested in a serious commitment, so it might work.

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