Mars in Pisces, Moon in Scorpio Compatibility

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Mars in Pisces’ desire for a soulmate union will feed Moon in Scorpio’s need for immersion. These two can almost become one, although Scorpio will maintain control as she sets the pace.

Mars in Pisces wants to lose himself in the fantasy. His sense that there’s more beyond the mundane world makes him intensely idealistic–whether’s he’s seeking his ultimate partner or escaping from reality, he’s energized by the desire to transcend all limits. Mars in Pisces approaches sex as a path to the Divine (or at least, a path to ecstasy). He wants to lose himself (physically) in his partner. This can result in pure romance, but it can also mean that he’s purely passive at times. With the right lover, he’s more than happy to release all control.

Moon in Scorpio needs controlled depth. She craves bottomless intimacy, but it must be on her terms. That means a slow descent into her realm, as she gradually reveals more of herself while pushing her lover to reveal all. Moon in Scorpio is comfortable with secrets, as long as they’re her own. Her unquestioning loyalty is available to her partner when he obeys her unspoken command to reveal all his fears and longings.

Mars in Pisces will be magnetized by Scorpio’s intense vibration–he’ll be sucked into her whirlpool, with little chance of escape. And he won’t care, because he’ll have finally found someone who understands limitless union. Moon in Scorpio will enjoy Pisces’ romantic efforts, but she’ll be more interested in his ability to dissolve all physical limits. And, she’ll be satisfied with his acquiescence; he won’t challenge her trust issues because he’ll give himself completely. Together, they’ll create a passionate, all-consuming union.

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