Mars in Pisces, Moon in Sagittarius Compatibility

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Moon in Sagittarius needs a bit more adventure than Mars in Pisces can provide, but both these signs are interested in expanding their limits (albeit in different ways). This could be enough to draw them together.

Mars in Pisces has an idealistic streak that will manifest as fighting for a cause, be it political or romantic. Usually passive, when Mars in Pisces gets fired up about a potential lover (his dream partner) he can charge forward like a knight on a crusade. He’s motivated by a higher vision of love, and this can push him into taking certain actions that some people would consider odd or extreme. At other times, he can act helpless and naive, overwhelmed by the cruelty of the world… or the cruelty of his partner (if she’s not alert to his sensitivities).

Moon in Sagittarius needs open horizons and a partner who will explore them with her. Restless, optimistic and seemingly free of all worries, she’s most comfortable when there’s something new and exciting to shoot for. For the most part, Moon in Sagittarius can be quite laid back (when she’s not charging after something that’s caught her interest). The upside of this is her refusal to get uptight about anything–she’s certain it will all work out, and if it doesn’t, she’ll deal with it. The downside is a lack of sensitivity as she ignores the little things–including some of her lover’s preferences and sore points. She’s not trying to be callous, but she can be oblivious.

Moon in Sagittarius will be amused by Pisces’ earnest efforts to woo her, and she’ll crack a joke about it. Mars in Pisces may be offended and will give up. But sometimes an odd chemistry can develop between these two, as Pisces views Sag as a kind of Holy Grail, and Sagittarius is won over by his open-hearted efforts. And, she’ll feel quite comfortable with his lack of rules, lack of judgments and lack of anything resembling a plan. Together, they can float forward, with Moon in Sag providing the fuel and Mars in Pisces bringing a touch of magic to their daily lives.

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