Mars in Pisces, Moon in Capricorn Compatibility

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Mars in Pisces’ fluid moves may annoy Moon in Capricorn, but she could also be the foundation that enables him to live in the real world.

Mars in Pisces is the dream lover, fantasy warrior and moody artist. His sensitivity, creativity and free-flowing approach to life can charm a prospective partner. But Mars in Pisces’ lack of motivation and focus can also be frustrating. While he excels at weaving a romantic web, he’s less skilled at practical duties. His ambition can be aroused by something that fires his passionate idealism, but it’s also easy for his energy to be extinguished.

Moon in Capricorn needs structure and control in her relationship. If these things are missing, she’ll take charge and make all the rules. Moon in Capricorn’s partner should accept that she’ll be the boss, because she needs to call the shots. In some ways, she may prefer a lover who’s more passive, because he’ll offer no resistance. Despite her controlling ways, she can be a warm, deeply committed partner with someone who earns her trust.

Moon in Capricorn will be unimpressed by Mars in Pisces’ poetry and sad songs. She’ll feel that his efforts are silly or wasteful. However, she recognizes a lost boy when she sees one, and while she’s not interested in a charity case, she will consider whipping him into shape. Mars in Pisces may actually welcome her control;  she’ll take care of the real-world issues, leaving him free to pursue his art/music/higher cause. Of course, he’ll have to do as she says, when she says it. And in the process, he may soften some of Capricorn’s edges, allowing her to open herself up to his gentle ways.

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