Mars in Aries, Moon in Pisces Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

This can be a difficult match. Mars in Aries’ aggression may be too much for Moon in Pisces’ sensitive feelings, and Aries may find that Pisces is simply too vulnerable to be interesting. However, if other encouraging aspects between their charts pull them together, Mars in Aries may be sufficiently challenged by Pisces’ not-of-this-world vibe to keep up the chase.

Mars in Aries comes on strong. His M.O. is direct, confrontational and impulsive. For those looking for a take-charge guy who immediately knows what he wants, Mars in Aries is the man. But with his assertiveness comes a certain lack of finesse. He simply doesn’t have the patience to go slow, or ponder the deeper nuances of what his partner might be feeling. He also gets turned on by a bit of resistance to his moves, and turned off by an easy victory.

Moon in Pisces needs respect for her sensitivity. Because she’s hooked into the energy that lies beyond mundane reality, she feels absolutely everything. This can be draining for her, and even poisonous when she’s around negative influences. Moon in Pisces’ partner should know that she’s able to sacrifice everything for him, hence the necessity for boundaries (on both sides). Even the healthiest Pisces has difficulty saying “no” to her lover.

Almost everything that Mars in Aries does will bruise Pisces. When he pursues her, she’ll find him too pushy. When he tries to impress her, she’ll find him overwhelming. Aries will quickly become impatient and discouraged as she flinches away. But if other contacts between these two imply attraction, Pisces may get swept away by Mars in Aries’ warrior routine. And Aries may find Moon in Pisces’ otherworldly vibe alluring, as he continually pursues a tempting vision. He’ll just have to remember that it will be too easy for him to steamroll her into submission with his enthusiastic demands.

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