Mars in Scorpio, Moon in Sagittarius Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Mars in Scorpio’s intense moves will feel heavy to buoyant Moon in Sagittarius. Sag needs to feel that things are constantly opening up, while Scorpio spirals inwards, seeking inner extremes with his actions and sexual energy. However, both these signs are explorers, albeit in very different ways.

Mars in Scorpio is the deep sea diver, slowly and deliberately sinking into the heart of his relationship. His actions will push himself and his partner to the limits of physical and emotional intimacy, because this is how Mars in Scorpio learns about his motivations. His intensity is a vehicle for understanding — he discovers things about himself, and uncovers his lover’s secrets. This is not a quick or easy process, so his level of commitment is extreme.

Moon in Sagittarius needs a relationship with new horizons. Whether she’s travelling literally or metaphorically, she feels secure when there’s something new to explore — and, when she has the freedom to explore. Moon in Sagittarius would not be comfortable with a jealous or controlling partner. However, her relaxed attitude and focus on the future makes her quite tolerant of her lover’s day-to-day quirks.

Mars in Scorpio will push Sagittarius to reveal more, and she’ll find him intrusive. The harder he tries to to forge an intimate bond, the more trapped she’ll feel. But both partners are interested in discovery, and if other aspects between their charts pull them together, this could be something they bond over. Moon in Sagittarius’ accepting attitude will help immensely, if she decides to accept that Scorpio is obsessively focused. Sag can help Scorpio gain some perspective, and Scorpio can encourage Sag to face uncomfortable issues she glosses over. As she looks upwards and he delves inwards, they can create a dynamic relationship that’s deep and wide-ranging.

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