Mars in Aquarius, Moon in Cancer Compatibility

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Almost everything that Mars in Aquarius does will make Moon in Cancer feel insecure. While Aquarius won’t be pushy, his taste for the unusual could make him a bit too disruptive for homebody Cancer. However, he does respect boundaries, and this is extremely important to Cancer.

Mars in Aquarius doesn’t really care what anybody thinks of him. When he’s attracted to someone, he’ll approach her in his own unique way. If she reciprocates, that means she understands his unusual mix of eccentricity, loyalty and detachment. Mars in Aquarius will be a lover and a friend, because as captivated as he may be by his partner, he always maintains a level of cool objectivity. He can be passionate, but as an Air sign, he’s more of an observer than a full-bodied participant.

Moon in Cancer needs to know she’s safe in her relationship. Safety means having a lover who understands that she can alternate between parent and child (often in one day) depending on her mood. When Moon in Cancer is feeling safe, she’ll mother her partner. When she’s feeling insecure, she’ll become needy, sulky or demanding. While it doesn’t take much to reassure her, it also doesn’t take much to set this sensitive Moon sign off.

Mars in Aquarius may not even approach Moon in Cancer–he’ll sense that she needs far more reassurance than he can give. But if other aspects between their charts indicate attraction, he may give it a shot. Moon in Cancer will be uneasy, but she’ll appreciate the fact that he doesn’t come on too strong. Aquarius will show a surprising amount of patience, and he’ll allow her to open up at her own pace. If they give the relationship a shot, Moon in Cancer will feel chronically insecure until she understands that Aquarius’ lack of cuddles doesn’t mean he’s losing interest. He’s just not a snuggly guy. Mars in Aquarius will find Cancer’s mothering and hugging to be a bit suffocating, so he’ll carve out some space where he can be on his own. However, if anyone can handle Cancer’s moods, it’s Mars in Aquarius–he simply won’t be phased by her tumultuous emotions.

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