Mars in Aquarius, Moon in Leo Compatibility

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This relationship combines Aquarius’ detachment with Leo’s need for appreciation. Opposites attract and create a hot union where two stubborn people with a taste for the unique are drawn to each other.

Mars in Aquarius does what he wants. While he may not be an obvious rebel, his desire for freedom and individuation means he’ll blaze his own path. If a prospective partner catches his eye, that path will take him directly to her. Mars in Aquarius won’t be showy or aggressive, but he can develop a fixed fascination with someone who stands out from the crowd. And while his approach will be friendly and no-pressure, he won’t be shy about declaring his intentions.

Moon in Leo needs to shine. No matter how conservative or quiet her Sun sign may be, inside she’s a superstar, child and queen, all rolled into one. Moon in Leo’s ideal partner will recognize her need for love and attention, while realizing that she’ll give even more than she receives. In order to feel truly happy, her heart must be on fire. This means having a passionate relationship, with her in the leading role.

Mars in Aquarius will be intrigued and bemused by Leo’s demanding nature. He’ll be drawn towards her warmth and brilliance, while Moon in Leo will be excited by Aquarius’ refusal to bow down to her. She’ll also appreciate that he’s different from anyone she’s ever encountered (this means they’ll stand out as a couple). While Moon in Leo will be frustrated by Aquarius’ disregard for others’ opinions, part of her will envy his chill approach. And when her emotional theatrics threaten to overwhelm the relationship, Mars in Aquarius will calm her down. They’ll always be fascinated with each other.

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