Mars in Aquarius, Moon in Aquarius Compatibility

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Mars in Aquarius will be attracted to his Moon partner’s unconventional needs and independence. There is a powerful attraction here, and it’s based on the understanding that each will allow the other tons of personal space.

Mars in Aquarius does things on his terms. Stubborn but chill, he insists on walking his own path, but he’s never pushy or angry about it. His partner doesn’t have to understand or even agree with Mars in Aquarius’ actions. He could care less about validation, and will simply be himself with zero dramatics. But if his lover tries to control him or insist that he follow tradition, he will walk. He can be intensely loyal and understanding (it takes a lot to scare him off) but he cannot tolerate neediness, jealousy or control freaks.

Moon in Aquarius needs intimacy of a different sort. She’s most comfortable with a partner who accepts that she’s not big on cuddles or traditional domestic routines. She bonds emotionally with someone who feeds her need for intellectual stimulation. And, someone who leaves her alone when she periodically takes time for herself. A sure sign that Moon in Aquarius is feeling uncomfortable would be her icy detachment — no anger or moodiness, just a void where she used to be emotionally present.

The instant attraction will be based on mutual recognition that each has found someone who understands their quirkiness. Mars will make the first move and the Moon will be immediately receptive to whatever odd thing he does. No one else will understand their strange electricity, and that will be just fine with this couple. Their brand of intimacy may consist of time apart (as each pursues their own interests) followed by intense reunions. The cliché about absence making the heart grow fonder really does apply here.

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