Mars in Virgo, Moon in Libra Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Mars in Virgo’s efforts to assist will work well with Moon in Libra’s need to please. These two will focus on making each other happy. However, Libra needs romance, and Virgo is more interested in practicalities.

Mars in Virgo is energized by making things better. Even if his relationship is humming along nicely, he’ll find something that can be improved. His partner may find him to be indispensable, or annoying. But Mars in Virgo will always be there for her, ready to step in with practical support or advice.

Moon in Libra is satisfied when everything in her relationship is just so. This means a perfectly balanced exchange of energies with her partner, romantic moments that are sweet but not messy, and a stylishly-appointed domestic environment. This is the ideal, and while real life is never ideal, Moon in Libra will do her best to ensure that her relationship comes as close as possible.

Mars in Virgo’s obsessive precision will go over well with Moon in Libra. He’ll work to make her happy, and she’ll instinctively support him. She can be just as finicky as Virgo, although her focus is on harmony, while he wants everything to operate at peak performance. She’ll appreciate his efforts to get everything just right, but she’ll feel badgered by his insistence on improvement. And, Libra may be disappointed by his practical streak. She’ll want sparkly things for her birthday, and he’ll buy her thermal socks. For his part, Mars in Virgo may find Libra superficial and wasteful when she insists on fresh cut flowers. They’ll wilt in a few days, which will be one more thing for him to clean up. But overall, this partnership can work if they develop a compromise between his efficiency and her love of finer things.

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