Mars in Capricorn, Moon in Virgo Compatibility

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These two are a natural fit. Mars in Capricorn’s focused actions will appeal to Moon in Virgo’s need for correctness. Each will instinctively recognize the other’s desire for a sure thing. Therefore, the resulting relationship is likely to be a sure thing.

For all his determination to succeed, Mars in Capricorn is extremely cautious. He will not pursue just anyone–he must be sure that the object of his affection is interested in him, and is capable of making a commitment. Once he’s satisfied that he has a shot with a reliable, prospective partner, Mars in Capricorn will work to prove himself, and work for the success of the relationship. A partner who understands that his responsibility outweighs his romantic gestures would be best.

Moon in Virgo needs to fix her relationship. Even if there are no major difficulties, she’s only satisfied if she’s improving something. Moon in Virgo’s focus on flaws can result in constant worrying and nitpicking, so the best partner for her would be someone who shares her desire for improvement. When she’s feeling secure, she can be a wonderfully supportive lover who tends to all her partner’s needs.

Mars in Capricorn will recognize a kindred spirit in Moon in Virgo. Two powerful work ethics will unite, with Capricorn taking charge and driving the relationship forward. This will suit Moon in Virgo just fine, as she’s more comfortable tending to the background details. She’ll support his efforts, and he’ll focus her energy when she gets worked up over various little things. And, this union will have a unexpected side. Neither sign is known for being intensely romantic. But they are Earth signs, so there is a natural sensuality that can be accessed when they are comfortable enough to let their guards down. This could be a surprisingly passionate relationship, although no one on the outside will see this.

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