Mars in Capricorn, Moon in Leo Compatibility

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Mars in Capricorn is all business, while Moon in Leo needs big romance. However, each is driven by their desire to succeed. Although they approach success in different ways, they could go far if they pooled their resources.

Mars in Capricorn has his eyes on the prize. This could be any achievement, usually in the professional realm. But it will also include a prospective partner and the success of his relationship. When Mars in Capricorn makes a move on someone he’s attracted to, he’ll be cautious yet determined. He does nothing on impulse, and will ensure that the object of his affection knows exactly what she’s getting: a driven partner who’s serious about commitment. As the relationship progresses, he’ll set the course.

Moon in Leo needs luxury. She feels safe and satisfied when her lover makes her his number one priority, but she needs even more than this. Moon in Leo has the heart of a queen, which means she is drawn to the finer things in life. She adores gifts, grand gestures, and quality (plus quantity). But her innate sense of pride won’t cancel out her childlike side. She also needs to play and express her creativity, or else she’ll get bored. When she feels like a queen, she’ll reward her partner with loyalty and extravagant love.

Mars in Capricorn may not impress Moon in Leo, initially. She’ll view his caution with disdain, and he may decide that this princess is not worth his energy. But if other aspects between their charts are compelling, Leo may be intrigued enough to give him a chance. She’ll see Mars in Capricorn for who he is: someone who can give her the lifestyle she wants, along with his unshakable commitment. Mars in Capricorn will pour all his energy into working for his queen, and she’ll lavish him with more affection and encouragement than he knows what to do with. Tensions will arise when Capricorn periodically puts his foot down and says “No” to her indulgent requests. And she’ll have to learn to not take it personally when he works, rather than spend playtime with her. If Capricorn can adjust his priorities a bit and accept that life is not all about work, these two could have a very prosperous relationship.

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