Mars in Capricorn, Moon in Aquarius Compatibility

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Mars in Capricorn does things by the book, while Moon in Aquarius writes her own book. Mars’ focused efforts to impress will feel stiff and uninteresting to Aquarius. But despite her need for independence, Aquarius can be surprisingly loyal. And this might be their unexpected point of compatibility.

Mars in Capricorn is energized by structure and limits. The narrower the path, the more focused he is, and the more effective he becomes. The result is a determined, traditional partner whose sterling work ethic is applied to his relationships. Mars in Capricorn may not be spontaneous, but he is serious about his commitments. However, his controlling tendencies may be a bit much for some.

Moon in Aquarius is an individual, rather than a rebel. She feels most secure when she’s comfortable being herself in a relationship. There may be no outward manifestations of eccentricity, but Moon in Aquarius will have a very set approach to domestic matters. There will be one or two areas where she insists on doing things her way, and her way will be quite different from tradition. In most other areas, she’ll be happy with whatever her partner decides; she doesn’t get caught up in power struggles. But if her lover tries to limit her freedom, it will be deal-breaker for this otherwise committed partner.

These two are not a natural fit. Moon in Aquarius will feel that Capricorn is just too stodgy for her. She’ll recognize that he can be controlling, and this will be a huge red flag for her. Mars in Capricorn may not even be attracted to Moon in Aquarius, as he senses her disregard for tradition and status. But if other aspects between their charts override the essential lack of chemistry, they’ll have to deal with their differences. Capricorn will have a tough time trying to order Aquarius around, as she responds with cool indifference. However, they share an independent streak and a focus on commitment. So if they can agree to disagree on certain areas, and Capricorn relinquishes some of his control, they might be able to form a long-lasting bond based on mutual respect for each other’s strength.

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