Mars in Capricorn, Moon in Pisces Compatibility

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Capricorn will provide the structure, while Moon in Pisces brings the magic in this nicely balanced duo. Practical Cap and dreamy Pisces may seem like an odd combo, but each has something the other needs.

Mars in Capricorn actions are all business, which is great for getting things done. But not so great for romance and sensitivity. His lover will respect his commitment and relationship work ethic, but he can get so caught up in succeeding that he blows right by the fun moments. While Mars in Capricorn is the partner who will push the relationship forward, he’ll have some inhibitions that prevent him from relaxing.

Moon in Pisces needs a relationship where it’s safe for her to dream. This ultra-sensitive Moon will resonate with whatever her lover is feeling; she’ll either sacrifice her needs for him, or close herself off and escape into her own world. The ideal balance for Moon in Pisces would be a partner who is sensitive enough to understand her, and strong enough to provide a healthy environment where she’s energized (as opposed to drained).

Mars in Capricorn’s get-it-done approach will be triggered by Moon in Pisces — here’s someone who needs him to take charge. Moon in Pisces will feel protected by Capricorn, and she’ll be impressed by his practical skills. His discipline and her escapism will blend quite easily, as Capricorn creates the firm foundation and Pisces gently encourages him to unwind. She’ll feel the sensualist who’s buried underneath his layers of control, and she’ll gradually coax him to emerge. Together, these two can create a grounded relationship that also has room for fantasy.

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