Mars in Leo, Moon in Pisces Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

This couple is all about the romance. Mars in Leo will bring the epic gestures, wile Moon in Pisces will nurture the beautiful dream. But fiery Leo may be too bold for sensitive Pisces. He requires a constant stream of appreciation and drama, and can suck the life right out of Pisces, as she attempts to give him everything.

Mars in Leo makes his affections obvious. His actions blend drama, bold creativity and high romance. He brings his A Game every time. Mars in Leo wants to impress, because he wants the applause. But his efforts don’t come for free — he must have his lover’s undivided attention. He’s the star of the show and the king, and if his partner doesn’t pay homage, there will be diva-worthy tantrums.

Moon in Pisces needs quiet magic. She craves a bit of sparkle in her everyday life, and a romantic partner can supply this. But Moon in Pisces is so sensitive that she’s easily depleted by a lover who takes advantage of her giving nature and iffy boundaries. While she may be willing to place herself in any situation for the one she loves, she can only handle so much.

Mars in Leo will dazzle Pisces, spiriting her away to the fabulous realm he’ll create. At first, it will be non-stop champagne, rose petals and out-of-this-world sex. But Moon in Pisces will quickly become tired as Leo’s fire overwhelms her. She’ll try to give him what he wants, but she’ll also need alone time to recharge. Mars in Leo will become suspicious and demanding when she withdraws. The more he pushes, the more he’ll drain her. This isn’t an impossible combination, but Mars in Leo will have to step away from his egotistical demands and use a much lighter touch with Moon in Pisces.

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