Mars in Leo, Moon in Aquarius Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

This relationship’s chemistry is based on the attraction of opposites. Mars in Leo’s show-off antics will amuse Moon in Aquarius, but won’t scratch her cool surface. However, she will feel a pull towards Leo, as he piques her curiosity. And Mars in Leo will redouble his efforts to impress this oddly detached but friendly outsider.

Mars in Leo knows how to make an entrance. His partner will get the feeling that his passionate efforts to impress are also directed at a wider audience. At the end of the day, Mars in Leo’s actions are designed to make him look good. But this doesn’t invalidate the considerable amount of energy he puts into romancing his lover. He knows he’s the best, he knows where to find the best, and he’s uniquely qualified to deliver the best to his partner.

Moon in Aquarius must have the freedom to love in her own way. Although she can be the most committed of partners, she will only commit to someone who understands her unique brand of nurturing. Moon in Aquarius will give her time and energy to her lover, and she’ll be the best friend he’s ever had. She’ll listen and be non-judgemental, but she won’t offer intense emotional displays. Her lover will get the sense that part of her isn’t in the same room, even when they’re being intimate.

Mars in Leo will be frustrated and challenged at Aquarius’ lack of praise. But he’ll rise to the challenge, trying even harder to impress this cool lady (who still seems to be interested in him). Moon in Aquarius will find Leo’s antics a bit obvious, but she’s not one to judge. And there will be something about him she can’t ignore. His heat will melt some of her chill alienation, when no one else has ever come close to touching her on that level. Together, they have a good chance at creating a long-term relationship. Their Fixed natures ensure that once they commit, they’ll be loath to let go.

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