Mars in Leo, Moon in Aries Compatibility

Fire feeds fire with this sizzling couple. Mars in Leo’s dramatic efforts will excite Moon in Aries. His proud assertiveness will appeal to her need for uncomplicated heat, and her immediate response will gratify Leo’s desire for recognition.

The more effort he makes, the faster she’ll respond, but there’s no worries about either of them becoming bored.

Mars in Leo

Mars in Leo wants to impress his partner. But he’s not laying on the charm just to please her. There’s a huge amount of self-interest at stake in his efforts. The bigger the display Mars in Leo makes, the more applause he expects in return.

He can be a generous, dignified, loyal partner, but his energy is drained by a lover who does not openly appreciate his actions. While he is intensely passionate, he can be narcissistic. Sex is a matter of self-expression and self-satisfaction.

He takes pride in his performance, so his lover can count on receiving his best efforts (as long as she expresses suitable awe).

Moon in Aries

Moon in Aries doesn’t need to impress anyone. As one of the more independent Moon signs, her primary needs revolve around challenge, passion and independence.

If her partner injects a bit of healthy conflict into their relationship — while honoring her freedom — Moon in Aries will be satisfied. Nothing makes her feel safer than having the challenge to look forward to. Nothing depresses her more than a calm, vanilla partnership.

Mars in Leo will sense that Aries is a challenge, and will bring his A game to win her. Moon in Aries will respond quickly to his bold approach. She may not be impressed by his bling, but she will be drawn to his take-charge energy.

Neither of these signs has any respect for someone with low self-esteem, so they will be drawn to each other’s confidence. The relationship will progress quickly, as Leo continually works to impress Aries, and Aries gets a kick out of his pride (she may tease him about this).

When Moon in Aries pushes his buttons, Leo will have the assurance to push back. Together, they’ll create a bonfire that has the potential to burn for a long time.

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