Venus in Leo, Mars in Aquarius Compatibility

LeoThe Queen meets the Rebel with these opposing signs. This can be an edgy, exciting match, as both like to stand out from the crowd. However, Venus in Leo and Mars in Aquarius are so stubborn that it will take some serious compromise for them to get along.

Venus in Leo wants the best for herself, and this includes a partner she can be proud of. Passionate, generous and exuberant, she grabs the attention of everyone in the room. This flirt will always be surrounded by a court of suitors, but her heart belongs to her lover. She sees her partner as a reflection of her accomplishments and can boss her man around if he doesn’t meet his full potential. Love for Ms. Leo means full-on romantic gifts, words and gestures. Some may call her high maintenance, but she returns attention and devotion ten times over.

AquariusMars in Aquarius is the electric outsider. Quirky and adventurous, he is full of contradictions. Here is the intensely loyal friend for life who has difficulties with romantic commitment. He can be amazingly understanding with his partner but, out of the blue, will say or do something perverse. An exciting but detached lover, Mr. Aquarius needs to push the edges of what’s acceptable. If he starts to feel trapped, he can detach at the speed of light, flipping the switch from passionate love to friends with benefits.

Venus in Leo will work to attract the attention of this intriguing outsider. The sparks will fly when Aquarius challenges her need to be in control, and he’ll find her demands and temper tantrums amusing. It’ll be fun and fiery until the day Ms. Leo goes too far, as she tries to push her detached lover’s buttons. Mars in Aquarius will suddenly find her demands suffocating and she’ll see his distance as proof that he no longer loves her. He’ll suggest that they see other people, and she’ll be left wondering how their relationship got downgraded.

The key for both of these signs is to move away from the far ends of the behavior spectrum. If Mars in Aquarius can come down to Earth and Venus in Leo can step down off her throne, they can become each other’s strongest allies

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