Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Libra Compatibility

AquariusSocializing, good conversation and stimulating ideas are shared areas of interest for Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Libra. Their connection flows easily, and in fact they sometimes get so used to getting along that they don’t know how to handle conflict gracefully when it does arise.

Venus in Aquarius needs freedom, space and ingenuity in relationships, and would rather make up new courtship rituals altogether than engage in those that are too traditional or that emerge from the “dark ages.” This Venus is not impressed by standard romantic gestures, preferring offerings that are different, unique and forward-thinking in some way. Venus in Aquarius expresses love in quirky and unusual ways, letting others know that she cares in a manner that is as intriguing as it is weird. Though this Venus can sometimes seem detached and cut off from her heart, she may simply need a little more time to let loving feelings settle in and digest.

LibraMars in Libra is hopelessly romantic and absolutely thrives on being in love, but this Mars is so eager to please that he can adapt easily to Venus in Aquarius’ need for the new and unusual. Mars in Libra shudders at the thought of conflict and so will do anything to bring calm and balance into a relationship. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that he is almost aggressive in his desire to avoid and manage anything that even approaches a (gasp!) fight. For this reason, Venus in Aquarius’ somewhat detached and intellectual manner feels safe to Mars in Libra, as there is a comfort in knowing that the fights are likely to be few and far between. This couple would do well to occasionally risk deeper waters, diving down into the raw emotions that can keep things juicy and alive.

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