Venus in Pisces, Mars in Cancer Compatibility

PiscesFlowing together like a peaceful waterfall, Venus in Pisces and Mars in Cancer share a harmonious understanding between them that has an almost mystical component. Their relationship has an emotional and spiritual depth that gives them each a safe and welcoming space to gather support and sustenance.

Venus in Pisces comes from the fairy-tale romance school of relationships. This Venus has an imagination so powerfully attuned to love that her fantasies may sometimes take over reality. Her open-hearted and compassionate approach to others can leave her vulnerable to being taken advantage of, so boundary setting is an important relationship skill for her to master. As a dream lover come to life, Venus in Pisces has the ability to fulfill even her partner’s unspoken wishes for intimacy. If she can remember to factor her own needs into the mix, this Venus has every chance to succeed in the realm of relationships.

CancerNo one creates a safe and comfortable environment better than a Mars in Cancer in love. This Mars strives to make his partner feel cozy and at home, providing a nesting experience extraordinaire. His energy for nurturing is strong, as he wants nothing more than to take care of the ones he loves. Faithful and protective, Mars in Cancer demands loyalty from his lovers and can grow moody when his emotional needs are not met. This Mars wants to know that he can share a common language of feelings with his partner, an understanding that is deeper than words.

Venus in Pisces knows that Mars in Cancer understands and appreciates her uniqueness in a way that few other signs are able. She feels safe and secure, trusting that Mars in Cancer will protect her to the death. Mars in Cancer is stirred deep within by Venus in Pisces’ special brand of magic, and wants nothing more than to bask in the pleasure of her company for a long time to come.

Explore your erotic gifts and secret desires through the lens of a real life Goddess who shares your Venus sign.

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