Venus in Cancer, Mars in Libra Compatibility

CancerThough not exactly opposites, Venus in Cancer and Mars in Libra individuals are different enough from each other that the exact nature of their attraction can seem mysterious to others. This pair’s chemistry lies in the friction created by their elemental differences. Air, an element that is light and quick-moving, meets Water, an element of depth and intensity.

Venus in Cancer moves sideways into love, rather than confronting it head on. This Venus has a shy and self-protective side and wants to feel safe before she opens up and lets down her walls. Caring and thoughtful, Venus in the sign of the crab has a strong intuition that allows her to know exactly what her partner needs. She knows how to nurture love and help it grow strong and healthy. Venus in Cancer enjoys emotional and imaginative expressions of affection from her lovers.

LibraMars in Libra might have been known as something of a “dandy” in times past. This Mars is suave and charming, and enjoys putting others at ease. Romantic and sensitive, Mars in Libra knows just what to say and do to make almost any situation just a little bit more pleasurable. This Mars can sometimes be indirect in his affections, as he tries to decide which direction to go in, but he is always nice when he changes his mind.

Though Venus in Cancer isn’t entirely sure she can trust Mars in Libra, she is almost unwillingly drawn to his irresistible charm. Mars in Libra in turn is both seduced and a little frightened by Venus in Cancer’s watery depths. Though the relationship between these two is never completely calm and easy, their fascination with each other is ongoing, as they continually seek to understand their differences and find the bridge that keeps them connected.

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