Venus in Aries, Mars in Leo Compatibility

AriesFun and feisty, this duo shares a passionate approach to life and a desire to enjoy it to the fullest. Their fiery nature creates an intensity in their union that can bring some drama, but neither really seems to mind. As a couple, they enjoy action-oriented activities that keep them on the go, and they flourish in environments that allow them to be leaders. Though both like to be the boss in relationships, they somehow seem to find a way to strike a balance around who is in charge.

Venus in Aries has a direct approach in love, going after what she wants without hesitation. While her “take no prisoners” approach may intimidate some, others enjoy her passion and bold spirit. In love, this Venus wants to bravely confront any fears that may arise. Like a “love warrior,” Venus in Aries is equipped to confront and vanquish demons that may be lurking in the shadows.

LeoMars in Leo brings a dramatic flair to love and relationships. Like a heat-seeking missile, this Mars is drawn to partners who are passionate and full of heart. He brings a courtly flavor to the pursuit of a loved one, wooing with a warmth and bravado that is hard to resist. Mars in Leo can sometimes get carried away by his own advertising and be just a little “too much,” but his charm and humor make him easy to forgive.

Venus in Aries is inspired by Mars in Leo’s heartfelt approach to love, and blossoms under his warm regard. Mars in Leo admires Venus in Aries’ boldness and courage, and finds her to be a natural partner. This couple easily forms a natural union, one that is sure to last over the long term despite any firestorms that appear from time to time.

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