Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Sagittarius Compatibility

This steamy couple wants more of everything. Intensity is a given, but their approaches to intimacy are radically different; Scorpio wants to merge while Sagittarius needs to keep looking. Read on to find out if they can make it work.

Venus in Scorpio must know her partner inside and out. Fearlessly intimate, she won’t even consider a superficial relationship. Ms. Scorpio magnetizes lovers with her powerful sexuality but is very selective about who she chooses.

Her partner can become her entire world as she pushes jealousy to the point of obsession. Although she loves with complete devotion, her energy can switch to hate if her lover mistreats her. Venus in Scorpio never forgets.

Mars in Sagittarius must know everyone. Sexy and adventurous, he’s the life of the party with his raunchy sense of humor and boundless energy. His sense of adventure continues in the bedroom where he combines passion and playfulness.

This lover is definitely not shy. Mr. Sag can push things to the edge with his need to explore. If his lover can’t keep up, he’ll be scanning the horizon for other options.

Even as he ends a relationship, Mars in Sagittarius is so charming that his partner will find it difficult to stay angry.

Sagittarius will smell the danger on Venus in Scorpio and will definitely want to explore. She’ll be charmed by his fearlessness and both will appreciate the other’s no-holds barred energy.

These two can explore the sexual and emotional limits of a relationship, but Mars in Sagittarius is likely to burn out first. He’ll feel trapped by Venus in Scorpio’s jealousy as she smolders resentfully over his flirtations with others. He may try to placate her, but Scorpio will see right through his glib explanations.

Sagittarius will flee, wondering when his goddess became an angry demon. Scorpio might be the only partner that he can’t coax a smile out of as he leaves a relationship.

Venus in Scorpio surpasses the inner limits while Mars in Sagittarius wants zero limits. Together they can keep each other intrigued and satisfied. The catch is that Scorpio will have to moderate her need for control while Sagittarius will need to control his lust for freedom.

If they can work on being less threatened by what the other does naturally, they’ll have a shot at happiness.

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