Venus in Sagittarius, Mars in Sagittarius Compatibility

SagittariusThink BIG when Venus joins Mars in Sagittarius. This couple loves on a grand scale, completely immersed in the adventure of life. Together, they exude a hard-to-resist aura of enthusiasm and optimism. Active and upbeat, it’s rare to find them in one place for long. Their relationship is an ongoing quest for understanding, as they seek to grow together and learn more about themselves and the world around them.

Venus in Sagittarius is bold and upfront in love, stating what she wants almost immediately and without any hidden agendas. Her high ideals keep her from accepting just anyone as a partner, but her love of diversity and new experiences can lead her towards some “interesting” choices. This Venus attracts others with her vibrant sense of humor and good-natured approach to life. She is fun and carefree, and up for trying just about anything once.

Mars in Sagittarius is a bit like Tigger — bouncy, exuberant and sometimes just a little clumsy. Hard to be mad at for long, this Mars has a goofy charm that radiates enthusiasm and curiosity. Passionate about his opinions, Mars in Sagittarius seeks a partner with whom he can be both student and teacher, sharing insights and ideas freely.

As a couple, this fiery duo creates a gypsy lifestyle that is as colorful as it is fun. Love is yet one more unknown terrain to explore, one that they will approach with their trademark optimism and curiosity. Their only challenge is that in their haste to move on to the next frontier, they may neglect some of the day-to-day details that keep a relationship working. Cultivating patience and precision will help this Sag pair successfully continue on their quest.

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