Venus in Leo, Mars in Leo Compatibility

LeoLike a King and his Queen, Venus and Mars in Leo carry about them an aura of royalty or “specialness.” This couple likes to be treated with respect, adoration and worship. Expecting the best of everything, together they move through life with a magnetic Leonine presence, entertaining and enlivening all who they encounter. From this unique and almost godlike place, the Venus/Mars in Leo couple bonds easily, knowing that out of everyone “mortal” in the world, the only people worthy of their attention and love are each other.

Venus in Leo’s need to be loved with respect and attention is fully met by Mars in Leo’s dramatic displays of love and affection. Expensive meals, gifts and high-end vacations provide the backdrop for their affair. In the bedroom, Mars in Leo’s tendency towards exhibitionism is well-matched by Venus in Leo’s desire to show off her beauty and receive recognition. This couple probably loves incorporating a camera or an “audience” of some kind into its most intimate moments.

Venus in Leo attracts love with her self-confident and passionate approach to romance. Gifts warm her heart, and the more luxurious and unique they are, the better. She gives back in kind, showering the object of her affection with compliments, appreciation and praise.

Mars in Leo returns these expansive gestures, only with an assertiveness that demands that he be recognized as the cream of the crop. He pursues with a courtly, yet over-the-top approach, exaggerating stories, one-upping the competition, and just generally out-doing anyone who stands in the way of him winning over the object of his affection.

Together, this Leonine pair creates a story for everyone around it to remember. Venus and Mars in Leo may sometimes run into power struggles, as each periodically demands to be the “top dog” in the relationship, running the show and calling the shots. But when they return to the playful and childlike spirit that they both share, they are able to let go of their ego’s needs for domination and find a way to connect from the heart.

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