Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Gemini Compatibility

AquariusQuirky, intelligent and chatty, this couple shares a love of words and ideas. For this airy pair, foreplay involves theories, ideas and shared information. Nothing stimulates these two more than a heated conversation or a passionate debate.

Venus in Aquarius likes to invent new rules for love, breaking down old conventions and experimenting with news ways to relate. Attracted to partners that others might see as unusual, Venus in Aquarius thrives in relationships with those who are different or unique in some way. Freedom, space and room to make radical changes in relationships are key for Venus in Aquarius. When relationships take a surprising or unexpected turn, Venus in Aquarius is energized and enlivened rather than dismayed. In fact, a zig-zag, back and forth and up and down pattern to relationship may be the recipe for success with this airy Venus.

GeminiWith a similar air emphasis, Mars in Gemini also needs plenty of room to move, change and breathe. This Mars is stimulated and turned on by intelligence, information and wit. Like quicksilver, Mars in Gemini moves through the world of romance with a laser-sharp mind and an unequaled ability to seduce using nothing more than the power of words. Flirty and a bit tricky, Mars in Gemini has been known to be monogamous, though this may be the exception more than the rule. Thriving on diversity, new and sweet smelling flowers and a rapid exchange of information, Mars in Gemini has the ability to be many things to many people.

Together, Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini give each other just the right amount of space, intellectual stimulation and sparky new energy to keep their airy engines humming. As companions and lovers, people with these placements provide each other with a natural and energizing flow of energy for the long haul.

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