Venus in Taurus, Mars in Libra Compatibility

TaurusVenus is the patron goddess of this couple, lending her sensual charms to their union and blessing them with beauty, serenity and a joint love of shopping. Though they may have distinctly different methods of going about honoring the goddess of all things good, Venus in Taurus and Mars in Libra have a joint desire to enjoy life’s pleasures.

Venus in Taurus is a sucker for sensual indulgence. Fine wine, gourmet food, massage, etc. She’ll melt like chocolate in the sun, emitting a few “oohs and ahs” and “more pleases” as she sinks into an earthy bliss state of satisfaction. But just because she knows how to receive pleasure, doesn’t mean she’s not practical. Money management is about as natural to her as a mud bath, since she knows how to take care of what keeps her in designer shoes and fine accommodations. You won’t find this Venus straying too far from her stable foundations, since she likes to appreciate exactly what she’s got.

LibraFinely tuned as a rare violin, Mars in Libra is a highly sensitive connoisseur of beauty and balance. This Mars hates to rock the boat too much, as it upsets his innate since of equilibrium. Mars in Libra has ability to romance and charm just about anyone, and often feels compelled to do so. Though this may get him in trouble with those who are a little more security conscious – say, Venus in Taurus – the chances of him saying no to anyone are pretty much nil.

Venus in Taurus appreciates Mars in Libra’s exquisite sensibilities and excellent taste, but she’s a little suspicious of his eagerness to please pretty much everybody. Mars in Libra loves Venus in Taurus’ expertise at rooting out the serious pleasures in life, but he can feel a little weighed down by her earthy anchor. If this couple can instill a basic respect for each other’s differences into their union, they will broaden their shared ability to enjoy all the Venusian delights that life has to offer.

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