Venus in Leo, Mars in Gemini Compatibility

LeoPeppy and carefree, Venus in Leo and Mars in Gemini make a vivacious couple. This upbeat pair spends a lot of time “on the go,” making the most out of life. Playful and social, Venus in Leo and Mars in Gemini make an energizing fire/air combo, generating a creative flow that keeps the two of them engaged and inspired.

Ruled by the Sun, Venus in Leo sheds a golden light that is obvious to all she meets. For her, romance is a production, a creative endeavor that allows her to go all out. Venus in Leo always demands the best, so where gifts are concerned, aim for luxury. Bossy? Yes! Since this Venus needs to be in charge, she can be somewhat domineering. But she makes up for it with a generosity and warmth that few can match. As the Queen of the Cats, Venus in Leo wants to be the leader of the pack, setting the tone in terms of style and “what’s popular.” Prepare to please her by following the pace she sets; otherwise, she might banish you into exile.

GeminiMars in Gemini can talk his way into just about anything, as this wily flirt knows just what to say to get under almost anyone’s skin. Curious and mentally quick, Mars in Gemini is turned on by intelligence and a quick wit. Though this Mars may prefer to talk about sex for a long time before actually doing it, Mars in Gemini is a quick learner in the bedroom, open and eager to please.

Venus in Leo thrives on Mars in Gemini’s flexibility and charm. Stimulated by his constant movement and innovative mind, Venus in Leo can’t resist this butterfly. In turn, Mars in Gemini feels mesmerized by Venus in Leo’s radiant presence. Basking in her light, this Mars feels awed and energized.

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