Venus in Sagittarius, Mars in Libra Compatibility

SagittariusThe Cowgirl (Venus in Sagittarius) and The Dandy (Mars in Libra) thrive on learning about each other’s unique qualities, and enjoying their subtle and not-so-subtle differences. Creating chemistry from two different but compatible elements, fiery Sagittarius and airy Libra form a union that contains plenty of movement and just enough “zing!” to keep things interesting over the long term. Together, they form a synergy that is both energizing and enlivening.

Venus in Sagittarius loves freedom, adventure and diversity in relationships. She attracts others with her humor, optimism and good-natured approach to love. She may shy from commitment and have a hard time settling down with just one partner, but she is straightforward and honest about it. People with Venus in this sign have a strong sense of morality and a desire for integrity in their relationships. Venus in Sagittarius also has an enormous appetite for love and life, and appreciates a partner who shares her enthusiasm. She is attracted to Mars in Libra’s delicacy and fine approach to romance, and appreciates this Mars’ way with words.

LibraMars in Libra, in turn, is intrigued by Venus in Sagittarius’ buoyancy and cheerful demeanor, and finds her adventurous nature and confidence both sexy and appealing. Though Mars in Libra wishes to be in a romantic relationship, he may shy away from making an actual commitment, since there are always so many good possibilities to choose from. He prefers to keep his options open.

This shared desire to keep love on the “light” side makes Venus in Sagittarius and Mars in Libra have a common ground to start from. Yet Venus in Sagittarius’ straightforward approach to issues differs from Mars in Libra’s tendency to shy away from anything too direct, making these two have just enough tension to keep things hopping. Like fire thriving on air, this pair’s relationship has the potential to grow and expand. Even though each partner may attempt to try something new from time to time, they are likely to continue to return to each other, finding that their special bond is hard to beat.

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