Venus in Pisces, Mars in Aquarius Compatibility

PiscesPiscean fantasy and Aquarian detachment can result in this couple escaping to their own dimension. Spacing out together is ok as long as they check in with the real world occasionally.

Venus in Pisces has one foot in another world. She is attuned to the energies that go unnoticed by most, such as the subtle moods of her partner. Ms. Pisces has the rightly deserved reputation of being psychic, sometimes anticipating her lover’s feelings before he’s aware of them. This creates a situation where Venus in Pisces is so sensitive that she has to tune out in order to preserve her sanity. Her partner’s emotions can overwhelm her and she sometimes confuses his feelings for her own.

AquariusMars in Aquarius has both feet in outer space. At least, it will seem this way to anyone who gets involved with this eccentric explorer. Mr. Aquarius is drawn to anyone or anything different. He has his own style of courting that starts off with electric fascination but can quickly fizzle if his interest is not held. Sex is an opportunity to try something new, and prospective partners looking for safe and predictable should look elsewhere. Mars in Aquarius can be a solid and committed lover with the right person, but there will always be part of him that stands back and watches. In some cases, he can become so committed to doing his own thing that he rejects society and becomes a permanent outsider.

Mars in Aquarius will be intrigued by Ms. Pisces’ wistful magic. She can soften his distance with sensitivity, and he can give her some clarity when she gets confused about what she truly wants. If she can refrain from taking his detachment personally, Venus in Pisces will find Mars in Aquarius easy to be around. He won’t swamp her with heavy emotions. They can create their own world based on a shared understanding that conventional society is not the only option. The downside is that they may become an isolated couple, preferring their own version of reality. Some grounding earth influences in either natal chart (or in their composite chart) can be helpful in balancing this out.

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