Venus in Pisces, Mars in Sagittarius Compatibility

PiscesPisces idealism and Sagittarius faith combine to create a wonderfully optimistic relationship. Together this couple can explore new horizons and help each other shoot for the stars.

Venus in Pisces is the beautiful dreamer. She drifts straight through reality into the fantasy relationship that she knows exists somewhere. Ms. Pisces relates by blending love and compassion; she empathizes with everyone. Here is the partner that sacrifices herself for love and often gets taken advantage of. One of the lessons Venus in Pisces must learn is to discriminate between those who value her and those who victimize her.

SagittariusMars in Sagittarius is the inspired traveler. Driven by optimism and the joy of discovery, he views each romantic encounter as an adventure. Sex is passionate fun for Mr. Sag and he needs a lover who is also a playmate. His biggest turn-off is a partner who tells him to tone down his jokes and get real about his exaggerated plans for the future. Although charming, Mr. Sag can rub some folks the wrong way with his hype and raunchy sense of humor. This free spirit has no patience for polite society.

Mr. Sag will be intrigued by Ms. Pisces’ ethereal charm, and she’ll be swept away by his lighthearted boldness. They’ll see their dreams come to life when they look at each other. And there’s no reason why this bubble of happiness can’t continue. Sagittarius can give Pisces direction (and protection) when she starts to lose focus. He’ll pull her back to earth, but will cushion the fall with his sense of humor. Pisces can soften some of Sag’s blunt edges, but she’ll never judge him. She’ll spend hours listening to, and encouraging, his ambitious daydreams. This relationship can be one of those rare entities that functions in the real world but is fueled by dreams.

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