Venus in Gemini, Mars in Cancer Compatibility

GeminiSince this pairing is not necessarily a natural match, Venus in Gemini and Mars in Cancer usually pass by each other’s charms on their way to more attractive options. If this Venus and Mars combo do manage to hook up, their romance can flicker to life, but other chart connections will likely provide most of the chemistry.

Fun and fizzy, Venus in Gemini’s charms lie in her ability to communicate with an agile tongue and a quick mind. Boredom is the kiss of death for her, so she tends to constantly be on the move, if not physically, then mentally. Though this Venus can commit, she’d rather not, preferring instead to keep her options open. More suited to flirting than long-term commitment, Venus in Gemini has been known to settle down once she’s found someone who captures her imagination.

CancerMars in Cancer is turned on by emotional depth more than a pretty face. This Mars can be intensely loyal to those he loves and tends to hold on tight once he’s given his heart away. Known for a gentle and nurturing approach to sex, Mars in Cancer is also intensely passionate, expressing his powerful feelings through his body. This Mars knows how to swim through the currents of love no matter how rough the waters get.

Venus in Gemini may feel stifled by Mars in Cancer’s desire to bond, but she will appreciate his gentleness and imagination. Mars in Cancer can feel mistrustful of Venus in Gemini’s fickle attentions, though he will be intrigued by her rapid-fire intellect. This couple may find that they need to stretch a little bit to properly appreciate each other’s unique attributes, but their efforts will likely prove to be worth it down the line.

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