Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Sagittarius Compatibility

AquariusFreedom may be just another word for nothing left to lose, but for this couple, freedom is the holy grail. Together, Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Sagittarius venture forth out into the world, seeking opportunities to experience adventure at every turn. Others may frown at their unconventional approach to love and romance, but for them, what works is plenty of space, ample opportunities to explore, and periodic changes just to keep things interesting.

Venus in Aquarius is electrical and exciting in love. This Venus thrives on the new and unusual, and is generally attracted to partners who are different than her in some way (age, race, class, size, shape, etc.). Unimpressed by traditional forms of courtship, Venus in Aquarius would rather be wooed weirdly than be wooed at all. She sometimes expresses her affection in odd ways, showing her love with a strange detachment that may seem a bit cut off or cold. This Venus does best when she is given time and space to sort out her feelings, rather than being pressed to respond in the moment.

SagittariusMars in Sagittarius’s bold, cheerful approach to love and romance gives him a headstart, and he usually has no trouble attracting willing partners. He seeks out those who will support and encourage his growth and allow him plenty of room to take risks. This Mars goes for the gusto in relationships, fearlessly approaching challenges that arise with his customary “can-do” attitude. Mars in Sagittarius can make just about anything better with a good story or a joke, charming those around him with his buoyant sense of humor.

This couple dances through life together with an easy grace that energizes and enlivens them both. Their easy rapport rests on their shared love of new experiences and exciting adventures.

Explore your erotic gifts and secret desires through the lens of a real life Goddess who shares your Venus sign.

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