Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Leo Compatibility

CapricornThe Venus in Capricorn/Mars in Leo couple brings the elements of earth and fire to the mix, a combination which at best creates a steady hearth flame that provides heat and sustenance over the long haul. This stable place may take some time to reach, however, as this duo tries to reconcile the differences in their natures, striving to find the right balance to make their relationship thrive.

Venus in Capricorn likes to have goals and structure in relationships. She’ll design a spreadsheet with a ten-year plan, with markers for special events and scheduled highlights in your budding romance. She loves this stuff, so don’t ruin her pleasure by trying to get all spontaneous. This Venus feels the most loved when she can trust the stable foundation of a relationship, confident in its security and strength. Woo her with practical demonstrations of your love, because though she appreciates romance, realism is what really rocks her boat.

LeoMars in Leo goes for the gusto in love. This fiery Mars is all about dramatic display; he is a true exhibitionist with a lust for luxury and thrills. Mars in Leo wants to be the director of his own romantic production, guiding the action, setting the scene and giving the cues. Yes, this Mars can be a little bossy, but it’s only because he wants everything to be the best, the brightest and the most beautiful for the one he loves. Like a lion with a thorn in his paw, if Mars in Leo’s pride is injured, he’ll retreat to lick his wound, sulking in silence until he feels strong and confident again.

Venus in Capricorn gives Mars in Leo a feeling of safety and stability, and carries herself with dignity, which Mars respects and appreciates. However, without other key chart connections, she might not inspire the romance that is so necessary to this Mars placement. Mars in Leo can help Venus in Capricorn to loosen up and have a good time, but there may always be something about this Mars that Venus in Capricorn just can’t take seriously. If this couple makes adjustments and works to understand where the other is coming from, they can grow together and maintain a functioning relationship. Otherwise, this combo might work best in the short term.

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