Mars in Sagittarius, Moon in Aquarius Compatibility

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This couple will place each other’s freedom at the top of their respective lists. Mars in Sagittarius’ urge to explore will blend beautifully with Moon in Aquarius’ need to do things her way. The result will be a truly liberated union.

Mars in Sagittarius demands personal space. He’s so easygoing that his partner may not take him seriously. But it would be a mistake to assume Mars in Sag is a pushover. He’ll bring his sense of adventure and playfulness to the relationship, and (if he’s really into his lover) will put up with a lot. But if she tries to control him, belittle him or deny his free spirit, he’ll walk. He has a powerful sense of right and wrong, and that includes what’s right for him.

Moon in Aquarius needs a relationship where individuality is valued. In her ideal scenario, two do not become one. Rather, two people remain unique individuals who accept each other for who they are. Moon in Aquarius is surprisingly stable for such a “rebellious” sign. She will be unwaveringly loyal to a partner who accepts her slightly detached emotional expressions, and who doesn’t try to force suffocating closeness on her.

Mars in Sagittarius will recognize a kindred spirit in Moon in Aquarius. He’ll be intrigued by her cool but open responses to his jokes and charm. Moon in Aquarius will enjoy Sag’s efforts to get her attention, and she’ll feel comfortable with his restless energy. She’ll keep him centered in the partnership, without tying him down or demanding that he grow up. Mars in Sagittarius will continually inject the relationship with new experiences, and Aquarius will happily join him in exploring. Together, they’ll create a vibrant union where love is expressed with a loose grip.

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