Mars in Virgo, Moon in Sagittarius Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Mars in Virgo will be too fussy for Moon in Sagittarius. Sag will find Virgo annoying as he tries to make things perfect, and Virgo will become frustrated when he realizes that Sagittarius just doesn’t care.

Mars in Virgo makes every effort to ensure that his partner is taken care of. His attention to detail and drive for improvement means that he brings his A game to the relationship. Mars in Virgo is energized by crises, because this means he can step in and apply his solutions. This works well when there’s an actual crisis, but it can backfire when he starts looking for things to fix, and creates a problem where none existed.

Moon in Sagittarius needs to have options. One of those options includes being in a relationship, or not. Even if she is deeply in love and committed to her partner, Moon in Sag needs to feel like she has the freedom to come and go. This doesn’t mean she’ll stray, but she will feel suffocated in a partnership with rigid rules. If her partner doesn’t understand her, her cheerful, laid-back energy can be misinterpreted as not caring about anything.

Mars in Virgo will attempt to impress Sagittarius with his skillful solutions. She may be curious about this eccentric guy with his fussy habits, but she won’t feel at ease. Once Virgo realizes that Moon in Sagittarius could care less about his efforts, he’ll try even harder, and may even become angry. Doesn’t she see how he could make her life better? The more he pushes, the more she’ll feel suffocated and (eventually) irritated. This is not an easy match, but if other aspects between their charts pull them together, they will need to make an effort to understand what is most important to each other. This will be a constant source of irritation between them.

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