Mars in Taurus, Moon in Taurus Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Mars in Taurus’ deliberate sensuality will match Moon in Taurus’ need for slow and steady. Together, these earthy lovers can create a richly indulgent relationship that’s also grounded and long-lasting. Once they meet, it will take an earthquake to disrupt their connection.

Mars in Taurus knows what he wants, and is in no hurry to get it. His perseverance goes beyond patience; he sees no reason to rush towards a goal, because he’s sure he’ll get there (eventually). The object of his affection may question if Mars in Taurus is even interested (in the initial stages of courtship) because he only makes a move when he knows that he’ll succeed — hence his ironclad certainty. This means that once he does decide he’s going pursue a potential lover, he won’t quit, and he won’t pull a fadeaway.

Moon in Taurus needs domestic serenity. This isn’t due to her quivering sensitivities. She’s actually one of the most stable Moon signs, with her emotions rooted in stubborn self-assurance. But Moon in Taurus needs a calm environment to nurture her emotional stability, and that means she’ll call the shots to ensure she gets what she needs. Her partner can look forward to sensual comforts and emotional support, with the understanding that he honor her routine (no sudden changes).

These two may eye each other from across the room for awhile, and when Mars in Taurus finally moves in, Moon in Taurus will be ready to receive him. He’ll instinctively know how to make her feel comfortable, and she’ll calmly support any actions he takes. But these two may become so comfortable that they stagnate in what they’ve created, with no ambition to change things up. This is fine if everything is going smoothly, but if they encounter tension, they’ll have to make sure they don’t stick their heads in the sand. Their mutual reluctance to confront challenges can undermine their security in the long run.

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