Mars in Sagittarius, Moon in Libra Compatibility

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Mars in Sag’s upbeat approach will suit Moon in Libra just fine. His fun and passionate moves will meet Libra’s need for light romance, while she gently balances his over-the-top actions with her graceful reserve.

Mars in Sagittarius will charge into the life of a prospective lover, blazing with inspiration and charm. His combination of effortless sexiness and desire to try anything new will be irresistible. Mars in Sag maintains this energy, even when he’s in a long-term relationship. Therefore, his best match will understand this urge to keep exploring, while gently grounding him when he gets carried away.

Moon in Libra needs romance and idealism. She knows how to have a real relationship, but even with the most practical partner she’ll require touches of grace and refinement. Moon in Libra is a pro at making her lover happy, as she instinctively adjusts her needs to meet his. Her challenge lies in knowing what she’s really feeling, and honoring those feelings (especially when they contradict what her lover wants).

Mars in Sagittarius will impress Libra with his bold moves. His playfulness will take the edge off so she’s not overwhelmed by his aggressiveness. His uninhibited energy will make her blush, but she’ll resonate with his easy charm. Moon in Libra puts considerable effort into being liked, while Sagittarius is naturally likable. She’ll admire this, and will work hard to accommodate him. This will include instinctively knowing when to back off, and when to suggest that he might think twice before he does something crazy. Sagittarius will appreciate her light touch. He’ll be amused by (and protective of) his Libra princess.

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