Mars in Capricorn, Moon in Capricorn Compatiblity

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Here’s a passionate union that’s also dead serious. Mars in Capricorn will be intensely attracted to the stability and hidden needs he senses within his Moon partner, while Moon in Capricorn’s controlled feelings will be stirred by Mars. Add a major helping of commitment, and you’ve got a couple that will lock onto each other.

Mars in Capricorn’s approach to relationships may be too practical for some, but he knows what he wants. And, he’s determined to get it. This makes him a focused partner and lover, whose control issues can sometimes overwhelm the more subtle aspects of romance. Mars in Capricorn is not the hearts and flowers guy, but he is the guy who’s going to succeed. This means he will be at the helm of his relationship, determined to make it progress.

Moon in Capricorn has significant security needs underneath her emotional control. She feels safe when things are going according to plan (her plan). A traditionalist at heart (no matter what her Sun sign) she’s all about the long-haul relationship. While she may not gush with emotion, her quiet, unbreakable support of her lover means she is usually the one who holds the partnership together.

Mars’ direct but controlled approach will penetrate past all of Moon in Capricorn’s defenses. She’ll sense that she’s met someone just like her, and she’ll trust that he wants what she needs. Mars in Capricorn will be attracted to her control and emotional authority, but he’ll also be drawn to the hidden sensualist within her. Together, they’ll form an iron-clad commitment where they feel safe enough to be passionate, and maybe even ease up on the control. As for who will be in charge, Mars will take care of things on the outside, while the Moon will be responsible for the emotional content of the relationship.

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