Mars in Aquarius, Moon in Aries Compatibility

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Mars in Aquarius has the courage to be different, while Moon in Aries is simply courageous. Aquarius will touch Aries’ heart as he blazes his own trail, while Aries’ passion will encourage Aquarius to stay in the moment.

Mars in Aquarius does his own thing. This fact is the key to understanding him–he is wired to do things his way, and that means going against tradition. He may not be an out-and-out rebel, but he does have an instinctive urge to kick against restrictions. When Mars in Aquarius is attracted to someone, his approach will be a mix of curiosity and eccentricity. He is driven to experiment, so a partner who is different from what he’s known (and who’s not tied to tradition) will look promising. Sexually, he’s pretty much open to anything, with the caveat that he has difficulties grounding himself in his body. The detachment which allows him to step back from the rules also makes it challenging to really feel intimate moments. Therefore, a partner who intensifies his awareness of his body (rather than his mind) is best.

Moon in Aries needs excitement. She feels safe when she’s fully engaged, which means feeling passion, anger and courage. Moon in Aries does not need a cozy life. Even if her Sun is in a more settled sign, she will feel “flat” if she’s not pushed in some way. The trick is for her to channel these volatile energies in a healthy way, with a lover who supports and challenges her.

Mars in Aquarius will be drawn to the primal energies he senses within Moon in Aries. He’ll recognize a partner who’s willing to go anywhere with him, and he’ll be excited by her raw instincts. Aries won’t hesitate–she’ll just follow her heart. Moon in Aries will be excited by Aquarius’ desire to break with tradition. She’ll recognize that he’s not afraid to try new and (potentially) risky things, and she’ll feel energized by this. Aries’ impulses will also be strong enough to pull Aquarius out of his head and into his body–she’ll teach him how to feel, rather than analyze.

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