Mars in Aquarius, Moon in Taurus Compatibility

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Mars in Aquarius’ unusual moves will make Moon in Taurus feel uneasy. Both are extremely stubborn — Aquarius will insist on doing things his way, while Taurus needs to have her routines. However, if they can get past their resistance and pool their mutual strength, this could be a lasting union.

Mars in Aquarius pushes against convention. But at the same time, his prospective partner can rely on him. This odd mix of eccentricity and reliability defines Mars in Aquarius as a truly unique suitor. The object of his affection can count on two things: his approach will be unique, and (if he’s really into her) he’ll be consistent. He’ll be fairly chill — even a bit detached — but if she attempts to foist rules and traditions on him, he may declare that they’re better off as friends.

Moon in Taurus needs predictability. Her emotional resilience is based on her absolute sense of what’s best for her and her partner. Moon in Taurus will ground her relationship with warm, sensual instincts — she’ll provide comfort and support for her lover, while ensuring that nothing disrupts the union. Change is something she views with suspicion; why ruin a good thing if the relationship is working?

Moon in Taurus will be unimpressed and uneasy with Mars in Aquarius’ odd approach. Aquarius will sense Taurus’ death-grip on tradition, and may decide that there’s nothing for him here. However, sometimes the tension between these two can translate into uncomfortable attraction. Since Moon in Taurus avoids discomfort, it may go nowhere. But Aquarius could be intrigued enough to keep trying, and if other aspects between their charts indicate compatibility, these two may give it a go. Mars in Aquarius can prod Taurus out of her rut, while Moon in Taurus will patiently ground Aquarius in the moment. And both are determined to dig in for the long haul, so this relationship could go the distance.

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