Mars in Gemini, Moon in Taurus Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Mars in Gemini’s witty come-ons won’t impress Moon in Taurus. Mars will have difficulty meeting her need for solid evidence of commitment. If he wants to win her affections, he’ll have to demonstrate his staying power, and he may lose interest before he’s able to prove himself.

Mars in Gemini is fun, witty and charming. He knows exactly what to say — and how to say it — when he’s trying to get someone’s attention. He moves quickly, even once he’s in a committed relationship. Mars in Gemini’s partner should understand that he has a low tolerance for boredom, and a continuing desire for innovation. He’s an alert, creative lover whose erogenous zones consist of his mind (communication is a major turn-on) and his hands (Gemini rules the hands). What he lacks in sustained focus, he makes up for in willingness to try whatever his partner suggests, especially if it’s new.

Moon in Taurus needs someone she can rely on. Consistency and visible proof of intent make her feel secure. She’ll respond to a partner who provides this, by creating a warm, secure domestic environment. Despite her significant security needs, Moon in Taurus is not needy. She is one of the more self-reliant Moons, with an unwavering sense of what she needs to make her happy. Along with this comes extreme stubbornness; once she’s established a routine, it’s incredibly difficult for her to change.

Mars in Gemini’s flirtatious words and clever innuendos will bounce off Taurus. She may be mildly amused, but she won’t take him seriously. That could be the end of the connection, as Mars in Gemini gets bored and moves on. But if there’s enough chemistry to draw them together, they’ll have to deal with the tension between Gemini’s reliance on words, and Moon in Taurus’ need for tangible proof. For every promise he makes, she’ll demand action. This may stabilize Gemini, or weigh him down. Moon in Taurus can learn a thing or two about flexibility from him, but she may find his changeability exhausting and irritating.

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