Sun in Cancer Moon in Capricorn Compatibility

This post looks at the compatibility between the combination of Sun in Cancer Moon in Capricorn.

Here is a classic pairing of opposites. Sun in Cancer will focus on the nurturing, while Moon in Capricorn provides the background stability. Together, these traditional signs can build a secure, comforting home life.

Although “she” is used for the Moon and “he” is used for the Sun sign, these pronouns are only used for convenience. 

You can look at a man’s Moon and a woman’s Sun, or the Moon and Sun placements for the partners in a same-sex couple.

Graphic of a golden cancer on a night sky background.

Sun in Cancer

Sun in Cancer’s goal is to nurture a safe, warm home. His adherence to tradition may vary (according to other influences in his chart), but eventually he’ll want to settle down and nest with a partner he trusts.

His approach to nurturing will be strongly influenced by his mother, and for the most part, this empathetic sign is an excellent caretaker.

His lover can expect lots of attention to her moods and needs. But one of his greatest fears is being abandoned; the Shadow that Sun in Cancer casts can be clingy and childish if he thinks his lover is pulling away.

The best way for his partner to manage is by appreciating and returning the care that he gives.

Graphic of a golden capricorn on a night sky background.

Moon in Capricorn

Moon in Capricorn needs control. This reserved sign will thrive on building an orderly home life with her partner, while carving out her own, private space.

She is a traditionalist at heart, and wants an established family environment that echoes her own childhood.

But Moon in Capricorn will be happiest with a partner who allows her some emotional solitude.

Although she can be loyal and dependable — once her lover gets past her defenses — the only person she truly needs for security is herself.

Sun in Cancer Moon in Capricorn compatibility

These opposite signs will respond to the pull of family-based tradition in each other.

Sun in Cancer will push past Capricorn’s reserve, and Moon in Capricorn will provide the bedrock support that he craves.

Tensions can arise when Moon in Capricorn feels overwhelmed by Cancer’s fussing, and Sun in Cancer will stamp his feet to get Capricorn’s attention.

But they’ll always swing back to this truth; despite their different approaches, they both want to maintain their family unit.

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  1. I absolutely love this explanation. I believe that Capricorn and Cancer can work well together as they are both in compatible elements even though they are both cardinal signs. Capricorn makes the rules, and Cancer nurtures them. That is why they are a great match. However, because they are both cardinal, there are challenges as both want to lead, but their ambitious nature helps them work through it.

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