Venus Square Pluto Synastry

A square aspect in a synastry is often seen as an astrological red flag. These aspects happen when two planets are situated 90 degrees apart and in the same mood type, such as fixed, mutable, or cardinal.

While Venus square Pluto is challenging, like all other square aspects, it also brings plenty of opportunities for romantic partners to explore.

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Venus and Pluto’s energies 

Pluto and Venus operate on very different energetic values. Venus is all about love and beauty, while Pluto is about transformation and darkness. Pluto also works with an energy of power and domination, while Venus is more focused on love, beauty, and luxury.

With such different energies, it is unsurprising that a relationship with this synastry aspect will have its fair share of battles. The connection will have many ups and downs and challenges of life. However, all the obstacles can still be overcome if both partners want to invest in their bond and help it thrive. 

Venus, the planet of love

The ruler of Taurus, Venus, is all about comfort in all aspects of our life. Venus is a planet of love, romance, beauty, art, money, and luxury. In a natal chart, Venus represents our passions, values, and desires.

The planet also shows how we socialize with other people and attract the things we love. Venus is a planet with plenty of positive energy and very high vibration.

Venus goes through all the zodiac signs in one year. The sign that it is when we are born will define our values and approach to love. Your birth chart will help you to understand the energy that Venus brings into your life. It will help you know your love language and what you need to find your way to happiness.

Venus also gives us insight into our intimate relationships and speaks significantly about a person’s sensitivity and feelings of love. 

When our Venus is in harmony with other planets, we will find it easy to do what we love and thrive as we follow our destiny. A challenged Venus will put obstacles in our journey toward happiness. It will force us to grow to earn what we desire. 

Pluto, Lord of the Underworld

Pluto is the planet of darkness and transformation. It calls for destruction and renewal. Pluto loves to dominate and could be seen as a control freak.

While Pluto may cause some control issues and bring about powerful changes, he also leads to growth and development if we work with him rather than against him. Despite being a small planet, Pluto impacts everything it touches, and its presence in a chart or synastry will never pass unnoticed. 

Pluto is also representative of our hidden desires, secrets, and fantasies. This celestial body will influence our sexual intensity and our role in all personal relationships. It will have a voice when it comes to all areas of life including our destiny.

It is also a much slower planet than Venus as it circulates the Sun in 248 Earth years. Pluto is also the ruler of Scorpio, and it stays in this sign for about 12 years, while in the opposite sign, Taurus, it spends 30 years. 

Venus Square Pluto Synastry 

Venus square Pluto synastry can be very complex, and the influence of other planets is also essential for this relationship. Pluto craves to control the relationship and might want to exercise power over the Venus partner.

With a Venus square Pluto aspect in the synastry, it will be challenging for Pluto to gain the control it craves creating a vicious cycle of extreme emotions and obsessive behavior – this is the main conflict that might appear within the couple.

Pluto and Venus have different views on life and will also look at their bond from different perspectives. So, it will take work and determination to help this relationship healthily withstand the test of time! 

Emotional connection 

The emotional connection between the Pluto person and their Venus partner can create a significantly strong need for each other from the first stage of their relationship. In the beginning, both partners will be attracted to and intrigued by each other.

As time passes, the Pluto partner will want the admiration and total submission of the Venus partner. The Pluto person might even become obsessed with receiving the attention and emotional connection they crave from their lover without being so open in reciprocating it. 

Venus doesn’t mind showing affection and even adoration. But it is still a healthy planet that doesn’t appreciate being controlled by other energies. Therefore, the Venus person will offer as much affection and emotional connection as they feel, and they will not respond well to the conditions their partner might put on them. 

The intense emotions and desire to control can be the trigger for this pairing to turn into a toxic relationship.

Physical connection

The sexual connection between these two partners can be very intense due to Pluto, which brings a lot of passion to the relationship. The physical level is one of the first and strongest levels that these two people will connect on. The attraction and strong feelings towards each other will be evident every time they are in each other’s presence. 

The Pluto partner will be charmed by the beauty and style of the Venus partner, and they will want to explore that in depth. The Venus partner will most likely be intrigued by Pluto’s mysterious and dominating nature, which will make them feel safe.

Both partners will want to have an intense and explorative sexual life. However, Pluto might crave sooner or later to get control over their intimate life and become possessive. Venus doesn’t like a possessive partner, and arguments and dramatic discussions might happen more frequently than necessary and without a good reason.

Pluto also has the potential to develop an obsession with its Venus partner, such behaviors will compromise the romantic relationship and its future. 

Mental connection

Mentally, the Pluto partner will constantly challenge their Venus lover. They love to play mind games, and while some games are for entertainment, others can be pretty complex and even frustrating.

The Venus partner might find the mental complexity of the Plutonian fascinating for a while before they will start finding it frustrating and consuming. 

If Pluto doesn’t push their mind games too far, they will enjoy a mental connection that brings them a lot of mutual understanding. 


Even if Venus square Pluto is challenging and will undoubtedly come with some hard times, it definitely has essential benefits that will help a couple strengthen their bond through their relationship. 

Intense attraction 

The attraction between the Venus person and their Pluto partner will be intense. The Pluto partner will love their Venus person and their personal charm and will stop at nothing when they want to obtain their love back. At the same time, the Venus partner will be flattered by the seduction game of the Plutonian and will find it easy to join in. 

This could benefit their relationship as it keeps them together for a long time. Their intimate life will be the trampoline that helps the couple get back up whenever they feel down due to an obstacle or argument. They love to be in each other’s presence, and they flirt almost all the time. The Venus person knows how to use their charms to increase the admiration of their Pluto partner. 

Mutual understanding 

The mental compatibility that these two people have could manifest through mutual understanding, which also helps the relationship tremendously. Because the Venus person will want to understand their Pluto partner, they will be very receptive to what they say and do so that they will get to know them very well over time. Also, the Plutonian wants to maintain the love and admiration of the Venus person alive so they will try to relate to them at a mental level. 

Mutual admiration 

Both Pluto and Venus tend to admire their lover, even if they do so in different ways. They can even idolize each other for a very long time and do their best to fulfill their fantasies together. This admiration is essential as no one will feel less important. Ideally, suppose Venus and Pluto are well-aspected by other planets in the synastry. In that case, they will know to maintain this mutuality in their relationship. 

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You probably got excited as you went through the benefits of Venus square Pluto but note that these benefits happen in accordance with positive aspects in the synastry. Suppose the Venus square Pluto is not influenced positively or even more challenged by other factors. In that case, the risk of encountering more challenges than blessings in this relationship is high, an element of fate is at play here. 

Obsessive behaviors 

The Plutonian can transform their true love into an obsession, which would change the entire dynamic of the relationship. If the Pluto person becomes obsessed with their Venus partner, they will also become more controlling and possessive. And the Venus partner will not appreciate such behavior, which might lead to a permanent separation between the two. 

The Pluto partner needs to learn to control their instincts before controlling their partner and their relationship. If they trust the Venus person there should be no reason for controlling behavior. Trust and honesty are the best foundation for a relationship. 


Manipulation could happen on both sides, but the Pluto partner tends to be more prone to such tactics because they always want their way in the end. But both partners could use manipulative behavior to meet their agenda and forget about the greater good of the relationship. Lies and dishonest behavior will destroy their bond quickly and irrevocably. 

Communication is the key to avoiding such manipulative tactics, and keeping an open and honest line of communication between them should be a main priority for the couple. Both Pluto and Venus are planets that could lead to manipulation, but they will not tolerate it when it is done back to them. So things could get heated if they catch their partner trying to manipulate them. 

Mind games 

When it comes to mind games, our eyes should be on Pluto. The Plutonian could use mind games to confuse, control, manipulate or dominate their Venus partner. And even if they are winning in the short term, they are not winning for a long time.

Pluto likes to be the leader and the one who initiates change. When their Venus partner does not accept this change, they will try their best mind games to convince them. Venus doesn’t naturally excel with mind games, but they do know how to use physical attraction to get what they want. 

Both partners should accept each other for who they are and not try to change their lives radically. Guiding each other openly and honestly is one thing, but using mind games to get the outcome they want can only be detrimental to their bond. 

Power struggles 

The Pluto person has a strong ego and will try to get power over the relationship in all ways possible. Venus, however, is more challenging to submit, and conflicts might often appear between the two. While being a leader is essential for Pluto, they must cultivate that skill outside the relationship. 

Working as a team and leaving their egos aside will increase their chances of having a healthy and happy relationship that could last a lifetime. 

Final thoughts 

As you can see, Venus square Pluto is not the most damaging aspect of a relationship but neither is it the most harmonious aspect. It bring obstacles that will put both partners to the test. Teamwork, honesty, and open communication could be the best weapons to use when facing such a square aspect.

If both partners have pure intentions and genuinely want to be together for no other reason than their bond, the relationship could be successful.

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