Venus in Virgo, Mars in Pisces Compatibility

VirgoEarth and water in love may make some think of mud, but Venus in Virgo and Mars in Pisces create a dynamic polarity in relationship that is anything but boring. This Venus and Mars pair is in opposing signs, and embodies the “opposites attract” energy in all its interactions, from the bedroom to the kitchen. Inspiring each other to explore what it means to be whole and fulfilled, Venus in Virgo and Mars in Pisces, at their best, are able to infuse their partnership with a sense of devotion, service, sensitivity and subtlety.

Venus in Virgo needs to feel needed in relationship, and wants to feel deep down inside that she is helpful, or even better, indispensable to her partner. She thrives on tending to the daily, routine tasks that make life run smoothly, and her love is offered up in a quiet way that sometimes may pass by unnoticed. When she isn’t appreciated, this Venus can grow critical and bitter, experiencing a martyr-like syndrome that may drive her partner away.

PiscesMars in Pisces is awed by Venus in Virgo’s tangible grasp on love, and turned on by the “sexy librarian” vibe that this Venus does so well. Wooing from his watery depths, Mars in Pisces uses poetry, music and possibly even astral dreaming to seduce and attract. This deeply sensitive Mars has a well of compassion to offer Venus in Virgo, and provides a soothing and mystical perspective that helps this Venus relax and release anxiety and stress. Mars in Pisces’ main challenge in partnership is to not get lost in the misty lands of imagination, living more in fantasy than reality.

Like all the opposing Venus and Mars pairs, these two only run into trouble when they become polarized and stuck in their own perspectives. Remembering to appreciate, honor and benefit from each other’s differences helps them to grow closer, rather than further apart.

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