Mars in Sagittarius, Moon in Aries Compatiblity

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Mars in Sagittarius’ hot mix of passionate ethics and adventure will stimulate Moon in Aries’ need for a challenge. They’ll urge each other on, as Aries supports Sagittarius’ crusades and Sag keeps the horizons open for Aries. This may not be a calm relationship, but it will never be boring.

Mars in Sagittarius is more than an adventurous lover. To be sure, he brings his desire for fun and freedom to a relationship. He’ll catch a glimpse of someone he’s attracted to and launch a full-on pursuit. But Mars in Sag also wants to fight the good fight. Beneath his let’s-have-fun persona is someone who genuinely cares about progressive ideas and doing the right thing. Easily intrigued and outraged, he’s just as likely to get fired up about a social cause as he is to sweep his partner into the bedroom.

Moon in Aries needs to feel passion, which means she craves excitement. Her paradoxical feelings of security are triggered by adventure and (sometimes) a fight. The healthiest way for Moon in Aries to get her needs met is with a partner who continually challenges her. Not just any challenge, but something that pushes her to fight. She ruled by the warrior sign, so her first instinct is to push back. This can create some interesting scenarios with her lover.

If anyone can handle Moon in Aries’ assertiveness, it’s Mars in Sag. He’ll not only meet her needs, he’ll exceed them by showing her how she can take her fight further. He’ll catch her attention with his enthusiastic pursuit, and she’ll respond by meeting him head-on. The difference between their styles of assertiveness is Sagittarius can be more laid-back. When Moon in Aries becomes moody and short-tempered (which will happen frequently) he’ll good-naturedly help her blow off steam, without getting caught up in her anger. At the same time, she’ll feel excited when he discovers a new issue to fight for.

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