Mars in Sagittarius, Moon in Taurus Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

This is an uncomfortable mix. Mars in Sagittarius will have to apply the brakes when he encounters Moon in Taurus’ stubborn resistance to change. But slowing down is the last thing Sag wants to do, even though this is what Taurus needs.

Mars in Sagittarius is the adventurous romantic, throwing himself into the life of whomever he’s attracted to. He sees no reason to hold off if he’s into someone, and once he’s committed, his forward momentum will continue. Easily bored and always looking towards the horizon, Mars in Sagittarius will do best with a partner who doesn’t restrict him. Inside and outside the bedroom, his energy is playful, enthusiastic and restless.

Moon in Taurus needs certainty. She knows exactly what satisfies her, and this involves a stable home life, committed partner and all the comforts–good food, good sex and peaceful indulgence. Moon in Taurus’ massively stubborn streak ensures that she maintains her routines and her loyalty.

Mars in Sagittarius may seem like a playful but annoying puppy to Moon in Taurus. She’ll greet his bouncy displays with disinterest, or quiet amusement. Sag may be initially intrigued by Taurus’ sensuality, but he’ll quickly give up in frustration as she offers zero response. However, if other compatibility aspects between them are strong enough, they might be able to make this work. They both love to indulge, albeit in different ways. Sag wants to try everything and have fun while doing it. Taurus wants to find something she loves, and stick with it. Moon in Taurus could be Sag’s grounding companion that he comes home to after his adventures. And Mars in Sagittarius could teach Taurus to broaden her repertoire.

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